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Ethioder Tour and travel is a dedicated inbound destination management company which provides travel experiences in Ethiopia in culture, nature and history of Ethiopia. We are providing uncompromised services with the highest quality and safety which keeps the needs of our clients. And we have written sustainability policy on its structure and activities. The policy aims for a reduction of the negative social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts of the company’s activities, and includes employee related health & safety aspects.

Below is the combined sustainability policies of Ethioder Tour and travel:

  • We encourage our customers to respect and abide by the rules and principles of the visit community and environmental aspects
  • We also encourage and inform them to invest the local communities in the visit area to support them economy, health and education
  • We collect information from the client by different tools like questioner and Email about their activities and stay in a visit
  • Ethioder Tour and travel promote clients to support local artisans and purchase their products
  • Company staffs are getting trainings to upgrade their professions and to provide quality services
  • Company staffs have been briefing about the sustainability practice and importance upon started work at Ethioder tour and travel
  • At each level of employee must accept and recognize the working rule of the company regarding the sustainability practice
  • All staffs use the properties of the company like computer, laptop, copy machine and any office utensils provided to them and use in sustainable way
  • All staffs are responsible for any waste materials avoidance and reuse
  • The company’s employee will comply with the rules in disposing of hazardous materials/wastes,
  • Garage workers are highly responsible for the disposal of oil and lubricant once they change for vehicles and trucks and deliver the plastics and the wastes to the company’s waste reduction agent
  • Ware house workers have to handle safely, storage, transport, loading and unloading of all store materials
  • The company is allocating a transport allowance as per each staff salary for those who are using public transport which is highly important to reduce air pollution and carbon emission while you are intending to use the private car
  • All field staffs (drivers, chefs/cookers, assistant drivers, camp man and any other supporting staffs) are responsible for the wastes which are generating from field work and have to clean and avoid in complying of the local authority waste management manner
  • The local guides, chefs, scouts and camp man must be hired in local community to benefit from them
  • All consumable goods must be purchased from local peoples which helps them to support their lives
  • Ethioder Tour and travel is developing tour products like some the off beaten track and new destinations just to make its products unique and to get more customers creating difference from its competitors

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