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Car Rental

The company's car rental service is one of the strongest parts of it. It renders quality service bearing vehicles for its tourists, domestically and internationally based NGOs, researchers, etc. Moreover, here are some of our frequent clients on car hire with whom we are working till this time and from which we earned letters of recommendation and certificates.
Nowadays, the company has more than 30 different types of 4WD field vehicles which are owned by the company and sister companies and more than 25 vehicles owned by sub-contractors whose safety is attested by the agencies' well-equipped garage that are driven by guide drivers who are experienced mechanics as well.


Consulting services include a large number of aspects which are related, more or less directly, with travel: information of interest for the traveler (customs of the country of destinations, recommendations on behavior, etc.), cost optimization and control, advice on travel policies, etc.

Travel Management

This is our core function and the one which agency engaged in organizing business travel have always performed. This area of services would include the management and reservation of transport tickets, searches for accommodations, car rentals, etc.

Although it is the function that has been performed for the longest period of time, new technologies have significantly changed the way these tasks are carried out, with aspects coming into play such as price comparisons or strategies for obtaining deals and discounts.


Trip travel takes pride in giving the customers a choice of their specific accommodation needs, no matter where – regionally, nationally, and internationally. Certain corporate discounts are available, with preferred accommodation establishment (with bill back facilities).

Tour Escort

We accompany groups of people on organized trips called “package tours” [link to package] Most people who take escorted tours want the security and convenience of having transportation, accommodations, and sightseeing arranged for them. However, not all group tours are the same. There are tours for every budget, taste, and age group. Summer escapefamily vacation, short excursions, and adventure are just several examples of outings that require the services of a tour escort.

About Us

Ethioder Tour and Travel is a Destination Management Company in Ethiopia, since 2000 GC, made up of professionals…

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