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Mountain Tour

Mountains can aid tourism and bring in money for the people who live there. More than 50 million people visit mountains each year. Many mountain towns around the world depend on tourists to support them. People in the town provide food and lodging for tourists who come to enjoy the nearby mountains.

Mountains can be places for leisure activities. Many people like to ski on mountains. Other people like to climb mountains. Some people like to just visit mountains to take photos and admire their beauty.

Although tourism has its advantages it can have a serious impact on the environment, the people who live there and the local economy. As more and more people visit the mountains, whether to climb or simply to trek through the valleys, the chances of the environment being permanently damaged become ever greater.


From bracing multi-day high-altitude treks through the Simien and Bale Mountains to moderately demanding day hikes amidst the remote rock-hewn churches of Gheralta and Lalibela, Ethiopia offers practically limitless opportunities for keen walkers.


Hiking is good throughout the year, but the scenery is at its best after the rains, from late September until December, when the countryside is swathed in various shades of deep green.


Of the three, mountaineering is by far the most challenging. It’s a more technical variation of trekking that takes you to higher peaks. Often to ones that are over 5000 meters above sea level.

Rock climbing

Although largely undeveloped as a climbing destination, Ethiopia boasts some of the most spectacular and challenging rockscapes in Africa, from the sandstone escarpment of Gheralta to the kilometre-deep cliffs that enclose the gorges of Simien Mountains National Park.


Some of Africa’s largest and most awe-inspiring cave systems run labyrinthine into the limestone slopes of eastern Ethiopia.

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