7 Days Historic, Nature and culture Tour

7 Days Historic, Nature and culture Tour


  • Historic Visit of Gonder and Lalibela
  • Nature visit of Simien Mountains National Parks Chance to see walia ibex, chilada baboon, and gelada baboon
  • Cultural visit of the tribes of Hamar and Mursi in Omo valley
  • Domestic flights and tourist standard vehicle for transfer in and out
  • 6 nights' accommodation including breakfast
  • Airport transfers

Visiting time; from mid of September till end of February


  • 7 Days and 6 nights

Day 1, Addis to Bahir Dar

  • Fly from Addis to Bahirdar at 11:10 am and arrive at 12:10
  • Boat excursion on Lake Tana to visit historical monasteries on Zeghe Peninsula
  • overnight in Bahirdar at Unison Hotel (New build Hotel)

Visiting sites in Peninsula


Day 2; Drive from Bahirdar to Gondar

  • Drive to Gonder some 185 kilometer about around 3 hour
  • visit to the Royal Castles and the Bath of Emperor Fasiledes (the bath is filled with water for the important Timkat (epiphany) ceremony once a year
  • Debre Birhan Selassie Church (Trinity at the Mount of Light), the Castle of Empress Mintewab,

.Overnight at  Zoble Resort in Gonder.

Castles in Gonder


Day 3:Gonder to Semein Mountains National parks

  • Drive some 135 km from Gonder and heading to the Simien Mountains National Park and start you’re trekking and get the famous Chilada Baboons
  • heading to the amazing topographic view and interesting trekking points the cliffs and endemic of Ethiopian wild goat “walia Ibex” which is only found in Ethiopia and may be the red fox and any other wild and bird lives .
  • And back to Debark & overnight at Walia Lodge

Endemic of Ethiopia


Day 4. Debark-Gonder-Lalibela

  • Drive to Gonder and catch the flight from Gonder to Lalibela and arrive in Lalibela around 11:10
  • your first visit will be groups of eleven Rock-hewn Monolithic (carved from a single rock) Churches of Lalibela (UNESCO world heritage site, with magnificent architecture and paintings inside the churches).
  • Overnight in Lalibela at Maribela Hotel.

Rock Hewn Churches in Lalibela

Day 5: Lalibela to Addis Ababa-Jinka

  • You will catch the first morning flight to Addis Ababa and transit to Jinka flight and arrive in Jinka the afternoon
  • visit the Jinka museum which have a lot of cultures antiquities.
  • Overnight in Jinka at Eco omo lodge.

Hamar Tibes in Jinka

Day 6: Jinka-Turmi

  • have a day visit to Mago National park and the mursi village market in Turmi in the Omo valley.
  • Overnight in Turmi at Buska Lodge.

Mursi Tribes with big lip plate as their culture

Day 7: Turmi-Jinka-Addis Abab

  • Drive to Hammar village to visit the key afer market and trib.
  • The afternoon fly from Jinka to Addis Ababa and and arrive at 3:40 pm in Addis
  • Have short visit in Addis like National Museum at 5 kilo which Lucy is found there and the nearby Ethnological museum of Addis Ababa University.
  • Overnight in Addis or Fly to your home country depending on your international flight


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22 February 2018


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