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Taxi services

Taxis are immediately available at Bole International Airport. They can also be found outside most hotels in Addis Ababa and at the country's major centres. There are two types: privately owned blue-and-white vehicles or, in Addis Ababa, Mercedes Benz taxis operated by the National Tour Operation (NTO). The larger blue-and-white taxis have standard routes and pick up and let off passengers along these routes, operating like little buses. There are no meters; there are low standardized prices for the fixed routes, and all prices for special hire should be negotiated in advance to avoid later mis­understandings. NTO taxis can be booked at any of the major hotels. Trips are paid for in advance according to destination; again, the taxis are not metered. These taxis are about ten times more expensive, on average, than the little blue taxis hailed on the street.

Car rental

Several firms operate car hire services in Addis Ababa. Vehicles may be hired with or without driver. For trips outside the city it is possible to hire insured cars appropriate for the trip (a four­wheel-drive vehicle with driver/translator is rec­ommended).


Drivers require a valid International Driving Li­cence, which can be obtained by exchanging your local licence at the Transport and Communica­tions office on Asmara Road in Addis Ababa.

Visitors can recover their original licences a day or so prior to departure. Vehicle owners will require the necessary permit from the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Driving is on the right.

Rail services

The 778-kilometre (482-mile) Franco-Ethiopian Railway runs from Addis Ababa to Djibouti by way of Nazaret, Awash Station, and Dire Dawa. There are both night and day trains between the capital and Dire Dawa, and the trip takes approxi­mately ten hours. There are first, second, and third classes. The Ethiopian Tourism Commission (ETC) or a travel agent can assist you with sched­ules and making reservations, or you can go di­rectly to the station, which is located near the junction of Churchill and Ras Makonnen avenues.

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Ethiopia uses 220 volts and 50 Hz. It is best to bring your own round, two-prong adapter. American...


In every way Ethiopia is unique!  It has its own languages, its own calendar, its own brand of Christianity and a landscape that is unparalleled.